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Some huge artists have landed on Transylvaliens Festival Stages and enchanted us with their magical sounds. We invest all our energy and time to get the most amazing musicians to perform for you and try to make it better and more diverse each year. You can check out the entire lineup for Transylvaliens Festival 2018 here and listen to some of the newest tracks or signature tunes by these cosmic musicians.

Before the big gathering, we travel around the world to diverse locations to meet YOU and bring the Transylvaliens spirit closer to everyone. All eyes and ears on us to find out where we will land next for one of our “out of this world” promo parties!

Past editions
Many incredible memories with our alien family. Check out some of them below:
Transylvaliens 2017 aftermovie 08:26
Transylvaliens 2016 aftermovie 03:53
Transylvaliens 2015 afermovie 07:53