The Concept

The aliens have landed!

In the heart of nature, far away from daily life, stressful environments and crowded cities, we welcome YOU, aliens from all over the world, to a one-of-a-kind open-air gathering where the most amazing people coexist in full harmony like one big and beautiful family, the Transylvaliens Festival!

Surrounded only by the beautiful scenery of the wild Transylvanian landscapes we gather every year to celebrate people, nature and arts through music, painting, visual projects, theater shows, handmade workshops and a lot of other activities that bring us together. We started in 2014 with positive vibes, a lot of love and good friends and our family has been growing and growing since!

Join the global Alien family and meet new and exciting people, dance under the summer sky, relax in the sun, heal and meditate in the moonlight, disconnecting from your everyday life and celebrate arts and nature with us!