Transylvaliens Festival is about the full experience that you get out of for four days in the middle of the amazing natural surroundings of Transylvania. It is very important for us to make this experience unforgettable and magical so here are some guidelines just to be sure everything’s perfect.

Before the festival

If you are driving to the festival, get familiar with the Romanian law (speed limits, no drug/alcohol while driving policy etc.). Drive safe and responsibly!

When & Where?

Transylvaliens is an outdoor festival near Talmacel, Sibiu, in Romania. The gates open on July 5th at 10:00 am. GPS Information: 45.640308, 24.221852. Click here for location info


You can access the festival grounds only by presenting a valid ticket. By attending this event, you accept and agree with the general rules. You will receive a bracelet at the entrance that should not be removed during your entire stay. In case of loss or destruction, it will not be reimbursed and the owner will have to leave the festival area.

Children aged up to 14 years have free access but they must be accompanied by a parent. Children who have not attained the age of 18 can access the festival area accompanied by an adult but need a valid ticket. People with disabilities receive free access to the festival but have to register in advance. Given the fact that the festival ground lies in the wilderness, the access can be difficult in some areas.

Follow the instructions of the crew and park your car only in the designated parking spots and make sure you don’t inconvenience to the other participants. Don’t block the access road or other cars! Drive slowly on the festival grounds (speed limit is 5 km/h).

We love animals, but we do not recommend bringing any pets on the festival site. By bringing their dog to the festival the owner accepts all liability for any injury or property damage caused by their dog and the owner will be solely responsible for any and all cost of repairs, fines or levies by any agency or other party. Owners must clean up after their dogs. It is the owner’s responsibility to have all the necessary supplies to ensure that other festival attendees will not be bothered by their pet.

What can I bring to the festival?

Try to pack light and take only what is necessary for having a nice time in nature for a duration of 4 summer days. Keep in mind that, although it is summer, weather conditions can change and nights can be cold. Bring:

● Rain-proof tent (we recommend double layer tents), good sleeping bag
● Thermal-insulation sleeping pad or inflatable mattress
● Torch and spare batteries
● Eco-friendly toothpaste and soap, towel


Although weather is usually hot in July in Romania, you must be aware that, because you are in a mountain area, nights can be cold and moist, so make sure you always have a set of dry and warm spare clothes.

● Light daytime wear
● Sun hat & Sun glasses
● Long pants and long-sleeve clothing for the night
● Hoodie, jumper and a raincoat
● Thin and thick socks, Warm shoes / rain boots


● Ticket
● Passport / ID & Travel papers (plane/bus ticket, driver’s license, car papers)
● Camera
● Good vibes and a large smile

Can I buy food/drinks at the location or do I need to bring it?

On festival site you will find a full bar, restaurants, eco toilets & showers and all you need. You are not allowed to bring any drinks or food on the festival site. You need to bring cash in Romanian currency (lei) as we cannot accept payments by card.

What is forbidden on the festival ground?

● Setting fires, cutting down trees or littering
● Glass containers, bottles, flammable materials, laser pens
● Weapons of any kind or other objects that might be considered hazardous
● Personal sound systems
● Generators (contact us if you really need one)
● Fireworks, crackers, explosives or any pyrotechnical equipment
● Access with alcohol, other drinks and food from outside the festival area
● Consumption of drugs or banned substances or their sale, according to the law in force.
● Marketing or selling any products on the festival site without consent of organizers.
● Materials that promote national, racial, religious, gender, age or any other form of discrimination; if you believe in such things then this festival is not for you
● Bad vibes, aggressive or intolerant behavior

Video / Photo

During the event, video and audio recording is going to take place. Persons that appear in these recordings cannot have any claim against the organizers, manufacturers or users of these materials. During the event, audio and video recordings can be made only with the consent of the organizers. Photography is allowed. Video recording and photographing with the purposes of distribution in print, audio, TV or online will be held under strict rules, which will be communicated to journalists via the press office of the Transylvaliens Festival. Breaking these rules may expose you to lawsuits from the organizers or the management of the artists.

Behavior in the festival area

We recommend you to avoid the conflicts and respect each other. The event itself is a relaxing area, specially created to have a pleasant ambience.


We will not allow exceptions to these rules, the violation of these regulations can lead to eviction and interdiction of the person involved to access the festival area again, without any reimbursement. The organizers are not responsible for damaged property of the participants or the loss of any personal objects. People who violate this regulations, initiate or participate in events that disrupt the order, will be immediately escorted outside perimeter of the festival, their access back on the festival ground will be denied and the organizer will announce the authorized institutions of the state, if is necessary.

Other Info

We advise parents to buy protective and noise cancelling headgear for their children. If children are not properly equipped for the festival, the parents and companions take full responsibility for any complication.

The organizer warns the audience that light effects at the festival could be harmful for small children, people suffering from epilepsy and pets!

The organizers and the medical assistance team will intervene immediately in case of any accidents, as long as they are within the perimeter of the festival or the camping area. The organizer reserves the right to modify the program, if necessary, for any kind of objective reasons.

Camping is allowed only in designated areas so find a nice spot and set yourself up. Remember that camping is for sleeping and relaxing so respect those around you.

There will be garbage bags everywhere on the festival ground (dancing area, bar, restaurants etc.), use them and do not throw garbage on the ground. We have a professional first-aid team at your service 24h/day. In case of an emergency find the nearest crew member or go to the bar/restaurant area and call them. Let our crew know the moment you arrive if you have any medical issues or allergies (especially to insect bites). Drink lots of water, eat well, sleep and don’t make any abuses. It is important to have fun but it’s just as important to respect yourself and your body.

We have a professional security team that will help you with a big smile, but they will take action if needed. We reserve the right to remove any participant that is aggressive or behaves in any way that harms others from the festival. In case of any emergency get to the closest crew member or security. There will always be someone around the stages, bars or restaurants.

The festival will end on Sunday. Keeping up our tradition, we will continue with an after-party until Monday morning. You have time to slowly pack and continue your journey until Monday afternoon. Be sure you organize your travel before the festival ends and ask at the bar for more information. We encourage our participants to do car-sharing as this is a great way of making new friends, saving costs and lowering your impact on the environment.

Thank you for understanding and enjoy the festival!