Getting To The Festival

Arrived in in Sibiu? Good, you’re Almost there!

By car

Traveling by car is an affordable and convenient way to get to the festival. The festival is located closely to the road so you can get there even with most types of cars, vans and caravans. Traveling by car also gives you the great opportunity to see the wonderful nature around the venue. We are an eco-friendly event so we encourage you to find people to share the ride. This will both help you meet people, share the costs and also keep the environmental footprint lower.

GPS Information: Talmacel, Jud. Sibiu 45.640308, 24.221852

By Taxi

Fast and easy. If you come to Transylvaliens by taxi, it will drop you off right at the festival gate. The price should be approximately 80 RON /17 EURO. Depending on the size of your luggage, a car an pick up a maximum of 3 or 4 aliens.

Transylvaliens Taxi (they already know where the festival is located): +40745160903; +40747853302.

Local companies (you need to tell them the destination: Talmacel, 45.640308, 24.221852 ): 0269/953; 0269/942; 0269/949.

By Bus

Although we will not be organizing a Shuttle Bus to the festival, there are some buses that can take you to Talmaciu (but that means aprox 5km of walking or hitchhiking to the festival location).

Find the bus schedule here:

By Bike

Getting to the festival by bike helps reduce the environmental impact, but keep in mind that the road does not have a bike lane.