Ancient Core
Melusine records

ANCIENT CORE is a downtempo/psydubb music project by Mihai Cadar & Alex Bodochi who have in their travel - bag, a decade of production and international performances on the downtempo psychedelic circuit.

The electronica project was born in 2008, after the 2 meet in their home town, Cluj/Transylvania/Romania.

Their first ever track produced together <> "EARTH SPIRIT AWAKENING" got a great feedback-winning 2nd place @ the 4th Mushroom Producer's Contest - (chill out section) organised by Mushroom Magazine, Germany in 2009. The 2 continued to produce music together, many of their tracks being released on E.P's, compilations or collaborations released by other artists, meanwhile, playing @ the chill/alternative scene at some of the finest psy festivals in Europe.

At the beginning of 2018, Ancient Core's debut album "GUIDELINES" was released @ Melusine records; The album is the culmination of ten years of collaborative work exploring and pushing the boundaries of psychill/psydub. The two musicians have synthesised their wide-ranging musical and artistic backgrounds with their experiences in the electronica scene over the last 20 years to create this album, wishing to share their musical vibes with as many people as possible