Comsat & Petar
Psychotria Records

The Comsat name behind is Attila Kardos from Budapest, Hungary. He discovered psy parties at 2008, when one of his friend take him to his first psytrance party in Hungary. Since then he addicted to this world which relies on a very strong rhythm base mixed with all kind of psychedelic sounds.

He started djing when he was 18, mixing House and Techno, until he met the "Psy World" a few years later, he starting to dedicate himself to this music style. Then changes everything, at the end of 2010 he moved to Budapest and become part of the Hungarian Club and Outdoor party Psy scene. He have got many gigs in clubs and outdoor parties and festivals too, having great results he cooperated with Dj Hruscsov, since this he is a member of the Y-Production. After a year, he joined as a label dj to the Fractal Records (CH), what contains full of power nightpsy artists, such as Orca, Brainwash, Solaris and so on...

Comsat main style is Night/Hitech psytrance... very unique and powerful, night full-on with psychedelic tech sound touch. Something in between the morning delicious sounds and crazy pumping twilight night… to lift up the dancefloor and make an hypnotic crazy atmosphere to go beyond the public vibrations.

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Petar has been influenced by music since his very early ages.

His first instrument was a piano accordion, but without music basics he only disturbed his parents with it. He has clear memories about the first drum lessons where he used his mother’s knitting needles to drum on the coach while Boney M. was played form tape, of course. Later on some metal pots and toppers were added to his drum set up to create even more crazy drum solos to Ma Baker. The first “real” instrument was a Casio made synthesizer and at that time he started to learn musical basics and soon the first opportunities came to present his musical talent on the stage. The need for more professional instruments and a bigger sound system came soon, and this sound system was the basic setup for his first 'gigs' in summer student camps. After some succesfull parties he took over the residency of the local club, and played funky, hip.hop and early electronic stuffs every weekend by using tapes with the highest copy quality.

The first musical big bang was a Global Underground party where Dave Seaman presented his Buenos Aires selection (GU12). He was then completely hooked by electronic music. Inspired by local and international artists like Sasha and John Digweed, Petar moved to Budapest started to buy vinyls and played progressive house and tech house sets on hostel parties.

During his party experiences he met other ambitous amateur dj’s and they formed a dj crew and played in-and outdoor after parties reguraly. He continously developed his technique and mixing style and build up special sets combining different styles from breakbeat to progressive trance and from deep house to techno.

By the end of the decade techno music has changed so much. "- I felt like the whole spirit has lost a bit in my scene - he recalls - i loved djing but it was really dificult for me to find good pumpin beats while party music was slowing down below 130 bpm".

In the coming year he rebuild his own music studio and transferred from vinyls to digital dj-ing which allows more creativity to him and makes his sets even more comlex and eclectic. However the vinyls and turntableas are still on the table "- I will never ever sell my turntables and vinyls. When I play those records I always realize that touching the music is a real fun. I see myself in my elderly ages being a retro dj in the senior club and stering my old vinyls."

2010 was a very inspiring year to Petar. It was a true discovery of the unknown for him to visit O.Z.O.R.A. festival. The mindblowing experience triggerd him to redefine his music style and took up new visions. "- After O.Z.O.R.A i was like: wow...i have found my home. I gained a lot of energy and musical inspiration from the crowd, the artists, and the whole place was full of magic and was something that i have never experienced before."

He started to make up himself on the psychedelic manner and music history and after some practice he was ready to step on the stage again to deliver his wild range of psychedelic music selection. His style is still very eclectic: "- I do not like categories within music. I consider myself as a selector and musical interprener who shape a musical journey together with the crowd. For me a dj set is a give to give experience. I recieve a lot of feedbacks, energy and inspiration from my crowd."

By looking into his portfolio you will find mostly energetic, higher BPM sets from mid range psytrance to full-on, night-psy, darkpsy and killer. On the other hand he has a relaxed downbeat alterego in which he performs chill, psybient, deephouse and deeptrance shows. These sets are very unique combinations of different electronic and world music syles resulting a joyful psychedelic journey for the audience. In 2012 he established his own label, Psychortia Records and developing cooperation with other talented artists in the scene.

He states that: “A true lover of music and the one who understands the vibration behind sound, can never fail to fall in love with psychedelic trance, at least once in his lifetime.”