I guess the idea of becoming a DJ came from the desire to share vibes I was experiencing at home with friends and fellow space cadets ( here in Iasi, Romania and the surrounding open air locations ) averaging a gig once every month ) the Goa Trance tracks I so upliftingly adored, with a joy only a child could recognize. As time got by I gradually developed affinities for different sub-gender shoulders of electronic psychedelic music like Psytrance / Nightpsy / Forest / Darkpsy, but the uplifting positive vibration of Goa Trance laser kicks never left my heart, and so here I am since 2010 trying to do my best and create a story with every performance, overwhelmed by support, feedback and gratitude feels like I have to go on and spread the bliss, thus allowing me to share the stage in 2015 with artists such as Agneton, Atma, Asura, Cels and Cesar Mimesis, Imba, Nude Dude, Orbika, Lygos, Hase, Talamasca, U-Recken, Digicult, Dopamine, Syl, Logical Elements and Ancient Core at Transylvaliens Festivals.

What really makes my sets shine is an oldschoolish goa trance vibe (going as high as 150 BPM), defined by intergalactic love supernovas and hard stomping drum beats, but I could also share a meditative trance with a chill-out set.