Flanger Strangers

Flanger Strangers were set in the spring of 2012, but their real activity started in a debute party in Vienna, in the early 2013. Dj Ph is spinning psychedelic discs sice 2002. Norbert runs on music since 2004, first with instrumental, then he turned to electronic sounding.

They both wirled by the amaizing public and awesome mood of psytrance parties.

The style of the Flanger Strangers is a mix of progressive structure, flying bridges and harder sounds of psytrance. This mixture is developes just on and on by the years.


Give Me Another Chance (Despertar De La Conciencia, KESUENE REC. Mexiko) | 2012.12.06
Cosmic Energy Ep. (Deeprog Recordings) | 2013-03-25
Ferrofluid (GOA VOLUME 47, Yellow Sunshine Explosion) | 2013-08-14
Travel Inside The Sun (V.A. - Labirinth Of Your Mind Volume 2, MYSTICAL WAVES REC.) | 2013.09.11
Melting Ice Album (Deeprog Recordings) | 2014-03-06
Liquid Material (GOA VOLUME 49, Yellow Sunshine Explosion) | 2014-03-14
Bright Light (V.A. The Healing Lights 3, Ovnimoon Records) | 2015-01-19