Wild Things Records

DJ FUMI is currently the main DJ of parties, amitAyus and MINAGOROSHI. She started djing In 1994.

In 1998, she moved to UK and experienced raves and club culture that influenced her to establish her style.

After coming back from UK, she was concentrating on expanding her DJ career in Japanese underground scene.

DJ FUMI's theme is to find out the most harmonious rhythm to fit the moment on the dance floor. She creates an innovative sound world which is not possible to categorize.

Until now, she has been played at major big festivals in Japan, such as Nagisa Music Festival in Tokyo and Osaka, Amami Eclipse Festival as well as many different size parties and festivals all around Japan.

In 2009, She joined Japan’s world class level label Sunflowers Of Today Records. Also since 2011, she is actively involved in Wildthings Rec. as an official DJ. In spring, 2011, she successfully played in Shanghai and Hangzhou, China. In 2012, FUMI completed her first tour in Australia, which includes Eclipse 2012 in Cairns.

In 2013, DJ FUMI played in Romania, and again in Australia for her second tour, which expanded to Melbourne, Gold Coast and Byron Bay. In 2014, DJ FUMI’s 20th anniversary tour was on all over Japan, started on April through the year. In 2015, DJ FUMI successfully toured around Australia for the third time and played at major festivals including Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earth Frequency and Maitreya as well as many clubs in Melbourne and Gold Coast.

After her 2015 Australia tour, she played in Hong Kong and Macau in May as part of DJ FUMI 20th anniversary tour. DJ FUMI is continuously sending her energy into space and to the future world.