World People Production

Hashashin is the night psytrance-twilight-forestish project of Belgium based producer Quentin Van Houtte.

Drummer first, he explored a large scale of grooves with different bands: from Metal to Reggae including Jazz and Hip Hop. But he got violently contaminated by the virus of electronic music in 2004. Little by little then, he began to build a home studio and to focus all his energy on music production. After a while, he started to develop a true passion for djing also, which never disappeared.

The first dj set he played was in 2009, and the first live set in 2010. Since then, Hashashin has been blasting all kind of imaginable dancefloor: forest, club, squat, beach, church, jungle, boat, castle, mountain, resort or bunker and shared the stage with all of his favorite artists worldwide. Delivering both twisted live and dj sets around. He joined the Belgian team « Elektro Magnetik » in 2009, signed on « Green Tree Records » later in 2013, « High Frequencies » in 2016, and freshly with « World People Production » in 2017.

Hashashin's music is between 146 and 150 bpm, provides strong and groovy basslines, tribal hypnotic percussions, twisted organic synth textures and funny samples. It uses to turn dancefloors into a powerful and positive energy explosion.