I started attending to a musical primary school at the age of 6. Firstly I started playing the flute then the clarinet. At the age of 14 I continued my studies at a musical vocational school, at the same time I began learning the piano.

After a while I lost my enthusiasm in classical music and got more interested in rock, hence I became a singer. I joined and worked together with various bands and took part in plenty of tours when in 1997 electronic music drew my attention.

In 1999 I fell in love with psytrance parties, later on in 2000 I additionally appeared as an organizer on the scene. On the whole I also set out my DJ career.

At first I was experiencing to find my own style though from 2002 I became a well-known person in the Hungarian full on life. I certainly follow the atmosphere of each party and if necessary I can flow into progressive style. However as a producer of Y-East I prefer the tuneful psytrance music.

Above all I am also the founder and manager of the Y-Production group.