He was born in 1980, Budapest. Started his education in a primary school of musicology.

He has been determined by electronic music since his childhood, thanks to his brothers. He still feels grateful to these days beecause of this.

He met Goa music at the age of 17-18, by experiencing his first goa party. He immediately influenced by the scene, and and after 1-2 years of practicing, while he was collecting music and cognizing a dj software, he had already spinned his first cd-s at a party in 2002.

He did this occupation at hobby level, just for fun. His first open-air event called TURBODELIC was stage-managed in 2003. After greater or lesser breaks later he had returned back into the hungarian goa scene with huge enthusiasm and all of his effort. After he had recieved a lot of positive feedbacks, he joined to the company of professional hungarian goa DJ-s.

He had been organized in-door and outdoor entry free events in a name of PSYSESSION. In these times he was possible to help one of the biggest psyhedelic-organizing team of Hungary and as a result he got some chances to perform himself as a DJ as well. Meanwhile he got to know his later co-musician, Norbert Szabo, and established the FLANGER STRANGERS duo with him, which had followed the melodic psy-prog line.

They were able to publish some issues on BEATPORT, Psyshop, I-tunes, and more. The duo acted in Austria firstly, and many times later in Prague, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary on smaller or bigger events. They works were published by KESUENE, DEEPROG, OVNIMOON REC. MYSTICAL WAVES REC. for instance, besides that they were found two times on the international collection cd published by YSE. He performed at some well known clubs like A38(Budapest), Flex Club(Wien), Cross Club(Prague) and more.

He performed at some festivals like UFO BUFO, BEERTOK, S.U.N., Major mini, Samsara. He played at Transylvaliens festival except of the first one. He had became a residental DJ of the Transylvaliens Family.