Attending psychedelic trance parties since 2007 in Romania, but mostly abroad, I got the chance to know and resonate with this music and the culture behind it. I appreciate the diversity of characters, the non-judgemental attitude and the openness of the crowd you meet at psy gatherings.

My first gig was in 2013 and from that time on the parties came flowing one after another.

In 2015 I met the wonderful crew of Transylvaliens Festival and I joined as a member, proudly promoting the festival for 3 years now. We organized Transylvaliens editions and festival promo parties in Romania. We have collaborations with other crews in Hungary, Serbia ,Germany, United-Kingdom, Belgium, Czech Republic, representing the Transylvaliens Festival crew. I got the privilege to play at festivals like Transylvalines Festival (Romania, 2015, 2016) ,Waha Festival (Romania, 2016), P.L.U.R. Festival (Serbia, 2016). Solar Seeds (Romania, 2015, 2016), Revolution Festival - (Romania, 2016, 2017), Sunshine Festival (Romania, 2016), Green Island (Romania, 2016), Dakini Festival 2017 (Romania).

I also entertained the crowd in Hungary and UK a few times and had lots of gigs in my home country. I enjoy entertaining the people with a mixture of genres like progressive psy and full-on, depending on the time (day or night) and the vibe of the crowd .

Being part of the romanian psy community as a dj, promoter and friend puts me in contact with organizers, producers and artists from all over the world, witch i actually enjoy!

One of my aims is to grow the Romanian psychedelic scene, inviting talented artists to perform live and dj sets on our stages around Romania. On the other hand I enjoy traveling and playing music abroad, so when I have to play in other countries I'm glad to meet new crews to collaborate.

Enjoy my sets and keep on dancing!