Tropical Bleyage
Dacru Records

Tropical Bleyage is a project by Pavle Perovic (1990) and Marko Graovic (1987). They are both living in Serbia (Belgrade).

Pavle is producing and making music, while Marko is a DJ. Tropical Bleyage project is formed in 2005 and since then, they have developed their music to powerful full-on trance, gifted with irresistible fusion of melodies.

Their first release was in 2011 and so far they have released their music for labels like Psy-Core Records, DNA records, Dacru records,Zoo Music,Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Psytropic Records...

Today they are part of the biggest Belgian psy trance label Dacru Records. Currently, their 3rd full album is ready to be released at Dacru records on november 13th 2017. You can expect a lot from their new music.

Their mission is to spread a positive vibes on dance floors and put smiles on people faces.