Yondo & Monchi

Yondo & Monchi are 2 producer from Halle in east-germany. They came first in touch with psychedelic culture when they hitch-hiked spontaneuosly their first time to OZORA Festival in 2014.

One year passed and they realized that they have to spread psychedelic culture in their hometown. So they founded together with their friends the L300Decoration&ArtsCircle, which is organizing nonprofit parties since 2 years, where they always take part as djs ,deco-artists and organziers.

In winter 2016 after a huge bunch of festivals they found their way in musicproduction. Together with L300-crew they hosted a Transylvaliens promo party in autumn 2017 and now they are really looking forward to perform their live project Yondo & Monchi for the first time at Transylvaliens Festival 2018! Fucking amazin awesome supernice