RF-Crew Records

Yury first got in contact with the genre in 2004 thanks to his friends. 2 years later he took part in the Tiszaparty event, his first and most influential party experience. He has been hooked ever since, to the feeling and the lifestyle as well.

Since 2006 he has been active as a dj and member of the greatest blasters of the Hungarian Alföld, the Rf-Crew. Throughout the years he has been all over Hungary with numberless performances at clubs and parties.

With his colleague Ad-M they have conquered all of the famous local psychedelic festivals' dancefloors, including the Ozorian Main Stage, and they have also had the chance to prove themselves across the borders too. Thanks to their collaboration, they won the 1st place of the Bakony Festival mix competition.

In solo Yury keeps presenting his fast-paced "UK full on" and psytrance mixes to the delight of his fans and is also tickling listener's senses with his crew through their radiOzora show.