Dj ,club owner, father, husband, 34 years old.

Born at the soviet onion rebublic. Playing psytrance since the age 16.

Started as young fan of psy music and brought his place to a personal and professional experience DJ. Always build the set's ecording the crowd, place, atmosphere.

The sets are always involved with his great technical & mixing skills, as he says "the best teraphy for myself is to play a long set to a good crowd; it does not matter if it huge or intimate".

He getting inspired from his big love for the techno/psytrance culture. Love to experience & adventure the world by people, food, music, travel.

A small part of the performances: Ajourney Prod. (Cologne // Germany // 2017), Tree of life 2017 (Greece), Unity festival 2016 (Israel), Psybox Jungle Visions 2016 (Austria), Tfn festival 2010 (Israel) , Shakata pro 2008 (Toronto // Canada) , Isla Mujeras (Mexico // 2008).