Natty Ned
Do The Reggae

Natty Ned comes from SIbiu and he is one of the most active selectas from here, having events across the country but also internationally. In 2012 he establishes the "Do The Reggae" platform, which has the purpose to transmit further the message of Reggae music but also to support the Reggae/Dub movement from Romania and not only. In the same year he starts a series of parties in the Sibiu's Bohemian Flow club under the name "Do The Reggae".

Following that are numerous Reggae parties in cities such as: Alba Iulia, Cluj, Brasov, Rm. Valcea, Chisinau, Bacau, Radauti, Timisoara, Bucharest and more.

He is openly passionate about Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Ragga Jungle and Psydub. He shared the stage with artists such as Daddy Freddy (UK), Benny Page (UK), Micah Shemaiah (Jamaica), Yaadcore (Jamaica), Hornsman Coyote (Serbia), Prince Sol (Serbia), Gregory G Ras (Hungary), Rea Tas (Croatia), Mr. Skavillage (Italy), Mightiy Boogie, Subcarpati, Argatu, El Negro, Kaya Foundation, Irie Warriors or Johnny King.

He played on festivals such as Green Island, One Love, Reggae Pon Di Hills, Revolution, RIng The Alarm, Exit Festival (Serbia), Waha, MOX, Airfield, Blaj Alive, Murmur, Colibitza Bike Fest etc.

He is also an editor and active contributor in the Zona Reggae community.

At the end of 2015 he records the mix "Inna Jamaica" for Reggaelize-it, a material that has a real success and this is just the beginning. Also in 2015 he takes a small tour in the Balkans and plays in Serbia (Novi Sad, Smederevo) and Albania (Tirana).

Among others, in 2016 he has the national tour "Roots & Culture" in cities like Brasov, Piatra Neamt, Chisinau, Bistrita, Cluj, Resita etc., reaching cities in which the Reggae music is nearly extinct.

For 2018 he is preparing a new tour and a lot of nice surprises.