Who's Asking Who

Ron Ojalvo and Snir Oron, electronic music producers and DJs based in Haifa, Israel.

Ron grew up in a house full of oriental music, so naturally his Turkish and Persian backgrounds affected him musically. At the age of 12 he started to practice Capoeira, and in addition to it he played all the traditional instruments. He was considered to be the best player around, he was even called “wonder kid” by his peers. In 2008 he bought his first DJ system, practiced it and in 2009 he started his first residency in a local dance-bar. He'd played along the way in many events, clubs and open air festivals alongside big names from the electronic music scene.

Snir was always around music as well. He started out by learning how to play guitar in the age of 13, which led him to start punk rock and post hardcore bands as a lead vocalist and guitarist. In 2009 he fell in love with electronic music through Dub, Dubstep and Drum and Bass. He bought two turntables and a mixer, and started to play the biggest Dubstep line in Haifa which has been running for years.

The two met after graduating high school, on a bus that led them to their base on the first day of their service. As Snir was immersing himself in the joy of Metal, he wasn't shy about how much he loved what he heard, so Ron passed by him and asked “what are you so excited about?”. They soon found out they share the same kind of love for music and Ron invited Snir to his studio in 2010, and they've produced and preformed together ever since.

Their music serves a mix of European sounds with oriental, Middle Eastern, African influences and beat understanding. They are recording only analogue and hardware instruments, as they believe in the organic way of production; they regard the human element as the most important, so playing with mouse clicks isn't enough - music should be played by the body. For the techno duo, music has no rules, and the rules they learn are only there for them to break.

Who’s Asking Who are performing in open air festivals and clubs around the world. They are residents in the “04” club - the biggest electronic dance floor in the north of the country, where they played alongside big names in the industry.

Who sees with your eyes, Listens with your ears, Tastes with your tongue? Who is the asker? Who’s Asking Who