Wruce Bayne
Tech Odyssey / Apple Room Records

Romocea Razvan aka Wruce Bayne started his journey in the electronic music industry in the mid year of 2015, a significant year for the beginning of Tech Odyssey. We can say that he's the one who learned to mix so fast, that the whole crew was surprised by his fast evolution. His musical style is Techno, transposing into hard beats combined with industrial sounds and also a few breaks in his sets. It is the perfect combination for a Techno artist, his intention being well directed also for productions. His sounds makes you move really groovy and really smooth on a journey from melodic synths, underground beats and smooth sounds.

Many people are trying to get somewhere, but not so fast as he did. He was always surprising and getting everything to a next level, evolving from a party to another. You can't miss something like his sets... Definetely a refined taste for pure Techno music!